S e p t e m b e r C l u b

September 6, 2018 

"September Club" is a term my Uncle and I use to suppress the summer ending

sorrows of season change. September Clubs describes our early fall boat trips

when the tourists and frequent fisherman disappear. Its only the locals with the tide,

and fall sea life, this is what we saw today jump out of the water nearly landing on

our boat leaving us in the splash zone. 


We headed out with hopes of catching striped bass. As soon as we settled off the

shore line we were consumed in bait balls left and right filled. Millions of Pogeys,

lined up for as long as your eye could see looking as if you could walk across

water.  We got skunked on the lines, however this guy provided all the

entertainment we needed for the day fearlessly feasting, breaching left & right.