Our core mission is to deliver the active conscious minded consumer, affordable sustainable-wear. 


N A T U R A L  F I B E R S

Apart from the sustainability aspect, one of the most important factors is quality. We strive to bring you the best quality with our beloved neutral colors. YOU make the most out of how you wear Blue Sea - with a conscious mindset to

L I V E with L E S S.

Hence we source the best fabrics from a midsized family business that produces quality fabrics that are built to last, with life lasting comfort.

O R G A N I C  C O T T O N 

Well, it’s old news but always a hot topic, that organic compounds have smaller harmful eco-impacts than their artificially cultivated counterparts. When cotton is cultivated organically, less water is used and there are less toxic impacts on the soil and its harvesting environment. Not only is organic cotton less harmful to its growing environment- but the emission of greenhouse gases is far less due to the prevention of fertilizer and pesticide use. Organic cotton harvesters know the secret sauce of TLC- and hint its NOT artificial chemicals or fertilizer.

Continually, we will consciously make the decision to look away from conventional cotton and pledging to use organic cotton instead – however currently our fabrics are all blends that have parts of organic cotton playing an intricate role in the total sum of our sustainable fibers.



B A M B O O 

Bamboo is a miracle fiber, at least we think it is... which made it easy for us to pair with our first line of carefully-crafted, custom-cut essentials. Creating an organic bamboo cotton (with stretch) was a decision backed by bamboo's amazing features of: buttery softness, thermal-regulating, naturally deodorizing, moisture wicking, UV ray repellent, and its durability...to name a few. It's softer than you think it will be and will more comfortable than you e v e r imagined. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows with out the need of pesticides or fertilizer. It is a plant that can expand rapidly with minimal water. Our fiber is tested and approved to be free of harmful substances. 



M E R I N O  W O O L

Wool is a beautiful material that keeps us warm in the chill and cool in the heat. Despite its unique thermo-regulating properties, we have awareness of the criticism in the wool harvesting sector. We are consciously mindful of the sourcing process of our merino wool blends. Making sure we are mindful and aware of how the wool we use for our fibers is carefully and ethically groomed from animals. We are always on the search to use Merino with certified mulesing-free wool specifications.

T R I M M I N G  D E E T S 

What is a sustainable fabric choice worth without a side of durable and sustainable aesthetics? Answer: we use high quality components that complement our products in a beautiful, mindful and eco-conscious way:


C O C O N U T  B U T T O N S 

Instead of using plastic buttons on our Henley, we use Coconut Buttons, which are hand carved from coconut shells. We are big fans of our producers, because not only do they harvest fallen coconuts and save remains from coconut water production, but they also care about the social side of sustainability turning extra resources into tangible products. Each button is organically unique.