As transparency, quality, and locality lie at the front end of our mission- we have partnered with a local manufacturer who shares our same vision. We both have a passion to help and inspire others through service. Our manufacturer provide ethical, sustainable, small batch production and support to help brands grow and flourish. They are committed and driven to help bring apparel manufacturing back to the USA by utilizing ethical standards to impact the landscape of workers in the industry. The best part about it is we can hop in a car in a day's trip to collaborate and create!  


H O W  I T  B E G A N 

Blue Seaciety was created after many trips around the sun, filled with brainstorming how to bottle up the feelings and emotional ties to water.

I was born into an ocean-loving family along the Seacoast of New Hampshire, 100 barefoot steps from the Atlantic and one hour from the White Mountains. I spent summers living at the beach where my only outfit was a bathing suit. I spent my winters slope-side chasing water in its winter form.

Blue Seaciety is more than just a brand. It is a vehicle to connect, and a community that bridges water souls through the celebration of living a simplistic life by big blue. 


B E H I N D  T H E  N A M E 

Throughout the journey, and the branding process we rooted down to our main values and true mission behind the brand. That is to connect all, near and far to honor something they love. Throughout this creative journey the word 


created itself backed by four alchemy symbols. The purest elements of life; Salt, Water, Earth, & Air. Taking the first letter of each element and organically crafted our namesake.